To be a trusted partner recognized as experts in delivering energy solutions while being environmentally responsible, community minded and financially strong.

BNI Energy is a subsidiary of ALLETE Inc., a diversified energy company. BNI Energy, headquartered in Bismarck North Dakota, evolved from a native North Dakota Company, BNI Coal, (formerly Baukol-Noonan), founded in Northwest North Dakota in 1930. BNI Energy has a rich history of responsible energy production in North Dakota exemplified by its BNI Coal mining operations near Center North Dakota and its partnerships to advance transformational coal technologies.

BNI Energy is focused on value added energy services and infrastructure solutions that balance environmental and the energy needs of consumers. The company is leveraging its talent, experience and solid track record to advance sustainable solutions in North Dakota. Increasing regulation and evolving social expectations have placed a priority and urgency on finding energy solutions that balance environmental and the energy needs.

BNI Energy is partnering with others to develop promising transformational coal technologies that could secure the utilization of North Dakota’s vast lignite resources for generations.